Sir Aarilax Delinar

Knight-Master of the Undeniable Dawn


Sir Aarilax Delinar is a seasoned high elven fighter and a devout follower of Heironeous. He stands 6’3" tall and has back-length wispy white hair interwoven with strands of gold and silver thread. His most remarkable feature is a perfectly reflective platinum mask that covers the majority of his face – while he wears it his eyes appear to be deep set, his nose can only be recognized as a subtle point where the metal meets in the center of the face, and there’s no distinguishable opening to support his mouth.

He wields a broad-bladed greatsword that ends in a thick wedge rather than a sharpened point. Intricate draconic runes cover the length of the blade and the teardrop shaped pommel appears to be made from an amber-like stone that reveals trapped insects within its form.

During the Hand-off at Deshkar Cove, he conscripted the party and guided their travel to the Shadow’s Shadow Inn. He reserved the party’s bookings with the innkeeper, explained the nature of their mission, and bid them good luck.


Sir Aarilax Delinar

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