Fight Club 5e

The Hand-off at Deshkar Cove (Prologue)

Session Setting

The party arrives at the Shadow's Shadow Inn located on the corner of Blade and Stout in the wharf district of Deshkar Cove. The eerie 4-story structure looms over the main thoroughfare and offers respite to any tired travelers. A series of commercial docks line the opposing side of blade street – they serve as a temporary resting spot for all nature of nautical vessels. Upon arrival, Aarilax barters with the aging svirfneblin innkeeper and successfully reserves four rooms on the second floor. 

Each of the inn rooms is located on the wharf side of the inn and a large common room joins them all together. The common room has multiple shuttered windows that provide an ample view of blade street and the surrounding area.

Several creatures occupy inn rooms on this floor: a dark-skinned dwarven man who smells of fish; a tall, gaunt, yellow-skinned fellow with skeletal eyes – he wields a massive silver greatsword; and an elderly human man who brought a trunk and large amount of nautical paraphernalia into his room.

Many ships can be seen docked at the wharf including a massive galleon bearing multiple red and yellow sails, all of which emblazoned with the symbol of a silver/white chain twisted in the shape of infinity; several small cargo ships of similar make stacked high with perishable provisions; and a noble keel boat adorned heavily with silver and jade trim.

After the party settles in, Aarilax explains the objective, "Sometime within the next 48 hours a medium-sized sea skimmer will arrive. You'll know it's the one you're looking for by its light and dark gray sails. It'll carry a cargo you need to obtain… an unknown amount of crates containing jars filled with powerful components.

"The ship will arrive and its contents will be unloaded. It's my understanding that after the goods are docked they'll be handed off quickly to another party. The crates will be sealed and their fragile contents will be well packed. Once opened, you should be able to shove them into this bag. Your reward is based on how many you can extract.

"Once you've grabbed as many as you can, head to the eastern edge of the wharf. A high-elven man by the name of Silnari will be waiting to transport you to safety. Show him the bag and he won't ask questions."

Aarilax lingers around the Shadow's Shadow for approximately 2 hours before he recalls to the place flavor npcs come from.



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