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The links below provide information about the Fight Club 5e campaign. This includes general campaign rules and guidelines, character creation rules, short session format, fate and inspiration, and any appropriate house rules.

Campaign Rules

Character Creation

Elemental Motes



The scenario list will continue to grow as more sessions are played. The information contained her describes a setting in which fight club combat will occur.

The Prismatic Gauntlet

The "Gauntlet" is a series of dungeons that are keyed to energy type and level of difficulty. It's a primary area to earn a large amount of motes. Players bet motes when they enter a Gauntlet dungeon and their investment is increased or lost based on their success or failure.

The Hand-off at Deshkar Cove

Deskhar Cove is a renowned black market trade port on a prime material plane. It is nestled deep within a complex network of sea caves and has no static overworld entrances. The denizens are of racially diverse backgrounds and generally keep to themselves. Only two types of people commonly end up in the cove: those who are trapped in cyclical nature of underworld lifestyles, and those who are looking to buy or sell illicit goods. 

Shadow's Shadow Inn

This curious establishment is run by an elderly Svirfneblin Illusionist that goes by the name "Rubanon." The servants, security, and other staff members at the Shadow's Shadow are mechanical automatons built by the innkeeper. The inn is imbued with an arcane transitive property and may appear across the planes at any area that is coterminous with the astral, ethereal, or shadow planes. It serves as a reoccurring, hospitable starting point. 




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