Elemental Motes

Elemental Motes

These motes of pure energy are earned by defeating opponents, as a reward from completing an objective, and are randomly distributed throughout the Fight Club experience. They accrue at the campaign level and are tracked by a player, not a character.

Mote Types and Sizes

A type of mote exists for every form of magical damage in the standard 5e rules: Acid, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Poison, Psychic, Radiant, Thunder, and Prismatic (motes will not currently appear in Piercing, Slashing, or Bludgeoning form). They may appear in the following sizes: Minor, Lesser, Moderate, Greater, and Major. The size of a mote may be improved by combining a number smaller motes of a similar type.

Mote Size Dice Value Upgrade Requirements
Minor 1d4 N/A
Lesser 1d6 5 Minor
Moderate 1d8 4 Lesser
Greater 1d10 3 Moderate
Major 1d12 2 Greater

Equipping Motes

Players may equip a number of motes (regardless of size) to a character equal to 1/2 character level rounded down. The type of mote equipped may be changed once per day using spell recovery rules. All equipped motes recharge during a short rest.

Using Motes

Equipped motes may be used once per refresh period to perform one of the following bonus effects:

  • Add the mote's dice value in damage to the result of a successful attack
  • Reduce an amount of incoming damage equal to a mote's rolled dice value

Multiple motes may be used simultaneously. The type of damage inflicted or absorbed is based on the used mote's affinity. Example: a psychic mote cannot be used to reduce lightning damage. Motes are not permanently expended when they are equipped or used.


The same mote can be equipped to multiple characters simultaneously as long as they're both owned by the player. It's assumed that each character has a "mote pouch" for purposes of using motes as a currency during a session. Mote use may be thematic or simply a statistic augmentation. Most opponents drop motes as a form of loot when they die. The type of mote dropped is aligned with the creature type. Powerful NPCs may weaponize motes, or disturb the motes equipped by a player. Motes are normally never lost unless they are consumed in an upgrade process, consumed to empower an item or piece of equipment, or gambled away in the gauntlet.

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Elemental Motes

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